Bungou Stray Dogs Anime Review and Where to Watch?


Bungou Stray Dogs can be watched on Funimation, Crunchyroll, HBO Max, and VRV.

Anime Review

Developed by Bones, who has been a studio for many beautiful series, the anime begins with a starving 18-year-old teenager. Our main character is Atsushi Nakajima. Atsushi, expelled from the orphanage where he lived on the pretext that it was useless and brought bad luck, saves someone who wants to commit suicide by the river. This man, whose name is Dazai, is a member of a secret institution with special powers. Atsushi meets this secret institution, and his life begins to change.

What I like most about the anime is that it has all kinds of characters. There may even be characters in anime that you can love, hate, and even compare yourself to. In the anime, the history of almost all the characters is mentioned for at least a minute. This shows that the anime also gives importance to the side characters, which I think is a very good detail. Another good thing about anime is that they can mix comedy and mystery very well. In battles, anime can take on an exciting, dark atmosphere, but it can change abruptly. The anime also says, “let’s beat those while the main character gets stronger.” He can also say the sentence. The fluency of Bungou Stray Dogs really cannot be underestimated, although “This is the final chapter.” The kind that you can’t let go of quickly, even if you say so. The reason for this may be new dangerous missions or the organization called the Harbor Mafia. Even though the Harbor Mafia is an organization with really scary and powerful special powers, the Private Detective Agency is not inferior.

To talk about the fight scenes; Although there are no exaggerated fight scenes in the anime, there are beautiful and exciting fight scenes. Especially the special power effects in the fight scenes provide a really nice and pleasant image. As for the drawings; The illustrations seem to fit perfectly into the anime. The shadings are fine. The backgrounds in the scenes are not empty, making you feel like you are in the anime. There is nothing exaggerated about their music. Frankly, I didn’t even feel the music while watching it, whereas I paid attention to their music while watching anime.

Let’s talk about the main character a little bit. The main character is the type who despises himself and wants to protect the weak or the ones he cares about, who will protect his friends even if there is a danger of death. He exceeds his limits in almost every fight and can apply moves we haven’t seen in his fights before. The opening music of the anime is really nice, and it has opening music that makes one feel a sense of curiosity and excitement. On the contrary, the closing music is very pleasant and calm music compared to the closing music.

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