Demon Slayer Anime Review and Where To Watch?

demon slayer

Demon Slayer is available to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, Spectrum, and Adult Swim.

Anime Review

Here is one of the most talked-about anime of 2019. Kimetsu no Yaiba, also known as Demon Slayer in English, was a series that was compared to Shingeki no Kyojin. Although it is not a Titan, in my opinion, it is a very high-quality product, but it is not without roughness, even if it is very small.

In the universe in which Kimetsu no Yaiba takes place, there is the fact that the countryside is still firmly attached to, although people living in big cities do not believe it: demons. Legend has it that demons go hunting at night. That’s why you don’t often come across people wandering in the countryside at night. According to the same rumor, there are hunters who hunt these demons at night and die while trying to hunt them. Although the government has never acknowledged the existence of these predators, they have existed for centuries.

In a world like the one I described above, Tanjiro Kamado, who has lost his father, leads a difficult but peaceful life in the mountains with his younger siblings and mother. Until that happiness is broken. One day, when Tanjiro comes to town to sell coal, he stays with a neighbor at the top of the mountain because it is late. When he arrives home the next day, a tragedy awaits him. His mother, brothers, sister, and his sister’s child were brutally murdered. It is a demon who does this, and Tanjiro’s world is almost destroyed. Then he sees his sister Nezuko fidgeting. But Nezuko is not the old Nezuko. Nezuko has now turned into a demon. Somehow, Tanjiro manages to contain Nezuko and makes a promise to himself: he will find a way to make Nezuko human again. For this, he takes the first step by joining the demon hunters.

Although Kimetsu no Yaiba seems to have a simple story at first glance, its content is quite impressive, and the difficulties of young Tanjiro are well-reflected. I can say that we are watching Tanjiro’s difficult training and his struggle with demons. Although the arts used with a sword are a bit of an exaggeration due to the anime, the series proceeds in a realistic line. So Tanjiro has two days of hard training. The third day is not ten tiger strength or anything. His education continues all the time, and in each episode, we witness Tanjiro’s further development and his work getting harder instead of easier. I said it was difficult because Tanjiro is falling under the radar of both other demon hunters and demons day by day. I understand demons, but I can hear what you’re saying about demon hunters. Tanjiro travels everywhere with his sister Nezuko and remembers that although Nezuko manages to protect her human feelings, she is a demon. So, where has it been seen that a demon and a human travel together? In short, Tanjiro has a huge world to fight against.

So, what are the little glitches I mentioned in the first paragraph that caught my eye? The first is a blonde friend named Zenitsu. This kid is constantly drooling, yelling, screaming, and Zenitsu gives me a headache because I watch the anime with headphones! Is a character always shouting with such a repulsive and disgusting adolescent voice? I’m not talking about voice acting here. On the contrary, this is exactly what happens when the voice-over is right, and a teenager screams, but this dose was too much for me. I did not pray a little so that we could be saved even if he died. The other thing (there will be some spoilers, so skip to the next paragraph if you haven’t watched it!) is Nezuko’s character development. Now we understand that Nezuko is different from other demons. Nobody eats or drinks blood. But why can’t he speak or think and act? In twenty-six episodes, I’ve never seen a demon that can’t speak and is purely instinctive. The reason for this may be due to the fact that he did not eat humans, but we are not given such information. No one explains why Nezuko never speaks and acts like she’s smart as a toddler. Even as Tanjiro’s pet in many scenes. As you can see, it was interesting to me.

In terms of drawings and music, Kimetsu no Yaiba is well above average. First of all, 3D unadded drawings are very pleasing to the eye. The lack of hesitation to use blood, the aesthetic fight scenes, and the sword shows that Tanjiro presented to us are perfect. I can’t say it’s great for the opening and closing pieces, but they are pieces that are worthy of the series. Apart from that, the music in the series is much more striking and impressive. I don’t have anything to say about the voiceovers anyway. Congratulations once again to forty-year-old Hiro Shimono, who voiced the hideous Zenitsu.

Kimetsu no Yaiba is a must-watch anime. I agree, like everyone else out there. The episodes go one after the other, and if we ignore the minor glitches, it is one of the best of the past year. There are two things you can do after this time: First if you haven’t watched it, watch the adventures of Tanjiro and Nezuko. The second one is to wait for the sequel named Gekijouban Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha Hen if you have watched it.

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