Goblin Slayer Anime Review and Where to Watch?

goblin slayer

Goblin Slayer can be watched on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Anime Review

With this review, we are here with an anime series that smells like RPG games like Sword Art Online or Log Horizon but has nothing to do with RPG games. In the series, which takes place in a fantasy world, some adventurers perform various tasks for places called Guilds. An adventurer goes to the Guild, chooses a Quest according to his tooth, fulfills the quest, and receives his reward. Those who give the assignments are usually the people who have various complaints. No, sir, huge rats live in the sewers, like this much gold to kill. Of course, adventurers also level up as they acquire and complete quests. The lowest level is porcelain. The highest level is platinum. These adventurers are in various categories such as knight, archer, mage, spearman, fighter. As I said, although what I’m talking about is similar to RPG games, it has nothing to do with games because if you’re dead, you’re dead.

One day, a teenage Nun steps into the Guild to give her first adventure. Three teenage adventurers approach the Sister, who is at the porcelain level, and they say that they are going Goblin hunting and they need a Priestess. Although goblins are small green creatures with a not very bright intelligence, they are especially dangerous as they roam in tight spaces such as caves in herds. Although the young nun is shy, she goes on her first adventure with the team. But something the team didn’t expect happened to them. Goblins trap them in the cave. Two team members die, one of them is raped, and just as it’s about to come to the Priestess, an adventurer in full armor appears and defeats the goblins. This incoming person is the adventurer known as the Goblin Slayer and is the third-highest level, silver level. Moreover, all he does is kill the Goblin. Then, events develop, and the Priestess joins the Goblin Slayer. It’s up to us to watch the duo’s struggles against the goblins.

Frankly, I can say that seeing a rape scene in the first episode surprised me. In other words, I thought that anime was softer in style, but although it is not obvious when appropriate, it did not hesitate to exhibit scenes such as rape, severed limbs, crushed goblin heads, and lots of blood. We should not forget the inappropriate decollete appeal to men. Although it looks like an RPG game in terms of content, it’s not, and it’s a unique world, and operation is another matter. On the one hand, it’s intriguing. One wonders what normal people do in this world, apart from adventurers. After all, in other animes like this, everyone belongs to a class and fights for something. Here, however, the only problem for adventurers is bread.

Although the anime increases the tempo from time to time, it progresses in a normal atmosphere. Our characters hunt goblins in various locations, like a cave or an old sewer. Although different tactics are applied each time, they all come to the same door. So it’s not surprising in terms of content. The good thing is that no one is too strong. When appropriate, the Goblin Slayer can also be hit and injured.

I’ve already talked a little bit about the anime’s drawings. Violence and sexuality, which I would call ecchi, was not shy away from being shown. The character drawings are good, and the locations are generally top of the line. I can’t say “that’s awesome” for Goblin Slayer’s drawings, but I can’t say that they are of poor quality. If there’s one thing that’s poor quality, it’s the music for me. I didn’t particularly like the opening tracks.

Although Goblin Slayer stands out with some features, it is an ordinary anime in general. You watch it without getting bored, the finale is not bad, but it does not leave an impression. I mean, of course, I recommend the anime, but Goblin Slayer is a great anime. I wouldn’t say you should watch it. It’s a matter of preference, of course. Especially if you like this kind of RPG-themed anime, maybe you will like it very much.

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