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Haikyuu can be watched on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hidive, and VRV.

Anime Review

Haikyuu!!, which has classic content like almost all sports-themed anime, is based on the fact that it aims for the national tournament by taking wings with new members joining a sports club that is gone or far from its old glory. Although our main heroine, Hinata, is short in stature, she is a voracious volleyball fan, but the secondary school she attends does not have a men’s volleyball team. However, in his last year, he managed to form a team without substitute players and entered an official competition. Opposite him, unfortunately, is the favorite team of the region and the boy nicknamed “King of the Fields”. Naturally, Hinata’s team is defeated, but Hinata gathers her courage and confronts Kageyama, nicknamed the king, and tells him that one day she will beat him. A year passes, and Hinata starts high school. Equipped with sweatpants, Hinata rushes to the gym and gets a surprise. Kageyama, whom he challenged a year ago, was also enrolled in Karasuna High School, which is the same school, so they are now teammates. At first, they constantly bicker, but day by day, they start to find harmony, and soon, these two become the hope of returning to the old successful days for the Karasuna Volleyball team. Well, the training is tough, the opponents are strong. The first goal is to get out of the region, and the next goal naturally is to qualify for the national qualifiers.

As I said, there is no foreign concept in Haikyuu. It would be wrong to expect something different from a sports-themed anime anyway. Ha, there are animes that don’t fit this mold like Giant Killing or One Out, but when there’s a school, there will be a club or something. Anyway, back to our topic; maybe the theme is familiar, but of course, the important thing here is the content, which I think Haykyuu is quite successful in. First of all, the characters weren’t too tight, and there are no supernatural shots or something in this anime. Oh, while the events are bouncing in the competitions, of course, the events are a bit slow so that we can listen to the thoughts of the athletes and see the artistic movements and tricks. Going back to the characters, I liked all the characters of Karasuna High School. With her cheerfulness and determination, Hinata, the tough (but understanding) Kageyama who took lessons from her old days, the responsible captain of the team, her other serious brother, the belligerent type, the energetic type, the one who doesn’t talk much, the one who talks a lot, creates a nice atmosphere. He has been a very successful character, especially including the voiceover of Hinata. When the comedy aspect of the anime was put on it as being successful, you watched it four or five episodes in a row, even if you don’t have a temper like me 🙂 In short, what I want to say is that although the subject does not go beyond the standards, it is entertaining and sincere in content.

While we are talking about the national tournament, I wanted to write a thing or two. As we can see from almost all sports club-themed animes, whether it’s football, basketball, swimming, volleyball, and many other branches, tournaments are held, and the work goes up to national tournaments. Now, I don’t think that the stands are full and attract enough attention to be broadcast on TV at matches like Captain Tsubasa or Kuroko no Basuke (after all, these are students, only a few relatives who come and watch), but if really such regular events can be held in Japan every year between high schools, guys. Congratulations. Another thing I’m obsessed with is the case of the female team manager 🙂 Frankly, I don’t understand that event. You are a girl; what are you doing among men? Don’t get me wrong; for example, he has an interest in football, there is no girls’ team, he becomes the manager of the boys’ team. The school also has a girls’ team, go there, be an actor, be a manager, hang out with other girls, make friends. This event is present in almost all other sports-themed anime. The girl takes notes, does the cleaning, compiles the uniforms of the players, etc., but why? Why don’t I see any male managers? This was a topic that you brainstormed on your own mind 🙂

Haikyuu’s drawings, on the other hand, are classic anime drawings, but they are not exaggerated. For example, as in Kuroko no Basuke, there is no hair of every color, as if it were chosen from a color palette. In between, a few blonde hair and white hair came out, but it doesn’t look as absurd as green or purple. Apart from that, the illustrations are successful, colorful and the funny effects used are also cute. Voiceovers are also solid. Especially as I mentioned, Hinata’s thin voice suits her so well that the character has officially gained a soul. If his voice actor Murase Ayumu reads these lines, he should know that I congratulate him 🙂

No need for further extension. It was obvious what I was going to face, the important thing was how it would come out, and I can say that Haikyuu is a successful sports anime, but like many anime, it has a half ending. When you say half, it doesn’t cut with a bang; it’s like a season finale. If I’m lucky, the second season of the anime will be with us in October 2015, and I will personally be looking forward to it.

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