KonoSuba Anime Review and Where to Watch?


Konosuba is available on HBO Max, and Crunchyroll

Anime Review

Studio Deen, who previously appeared with Rorouni Kenshin, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu and mostly romantic comedy-oriented animes, this time presents a comedy-oriented anime that is enjoyable to watch. The anime, which was created with adventurous logic like the middle ages, which is popular nowadays, manages to stand out from its peers with its moments of laughter. Frankly, it was an anime that I was afraid of when I started because I didn’t think that this category would surprise me anymore. Still, I would like to say that I was wrong. By the way, in addition to its long pronunciation, the anime has another name as KonoSuba for short.

The story begins when a NEET (not in education, employment or training) teenager named Kazuma Satou leaves his home after a long time to buy a game. On the way home, he realizes that a car will hit a girl and pushes her. Kazuma, who finds himself in a room right after this event, learns that he died from the goddess Aqua in front of him. Aqua presents him with choices: he will either be reborn in Japan, go to heaven, or try to defeat the Demon King in a parallel universe. On top of that, Kazuma exercises his choice over the fantasy world of his dreams. Aqua tells him that he can take anything he wants with him on his way to this universe. It could be a skill, a sword, or anything. Nervous with Aqua’s behavior, Kazuma unexpectedly chooses the goddess Aqua. Thereupon, the duo is sent to the parallel universe, and their adventure begins. The problem is that this universe is not at all what Kazuma imagined.

The exaggerated sitcom of the anime is really well executed. I can say that I laughed many times while watching it. Apart from that, one of the biggest problems in anime is that they focus almost exclusively on comedy as a genre. In anime, even in regular series, there are constant transitions between different genres to not bore the audience and keep their excitement and interest fresh. For example, an action anime aims to remove the monotony by interspersing comedy or romance elements in between. When we look at KonoSuba in this regard, we cannot say that it has been very successful. The only purpose of the anime is to make you laugh. I admit that they succeed very well, but this situation causes the interest in the subject and anime to decrease in the following episodes. Even in the action scenes, comedy was extremely prominent. I think that makes us laugh where we need to be excited about the quality of the anime, although not much. Secondly, the speech or visuals used to explain the use of force or special situations in anime are kept long for the first time to prevent boredom. There is a fault of the producer in this regard. These speeches and visuals; For example, the visuals that are shown when the characters gain new abilities and the speech and visuals used in making the spells are almost always long. It’s not overly important, but as a viewer, I’d say it made me want to fast forward.

Continuing to be a comedy-oriented anime in its second season, KonoSuba continues to make you laugh again. In the first episodes of the second season, his use of the jokes from the first season makes you laugh, but it does not show the previous effect. I think that their purpose in doing this is to create nostalgia. I observed that the shortcomings of the first season decreased in the second season. The action dose has increased in some scenes compared to the first season. Despite this, his indifference to the subject still continues, but the dose of comedy has remained almost at the same level.

I can say that I found it very successful as a drawing. Both the character drawings and the space drawings were made with great emphasis. This obviously supports that fun mood while watching the anime. Apart from this, the drawings of the use of spells can also affect you a little.

If we come to the subject, I can say that they have problems in this respect. Because the subject does not progress, distance is covered only in the first chapters, but other than that, I think there are deviations from the subject. Kazuma’s choice of absurd talents when he should have defeated the Demon King is due to an effort to bring the comedy I mentioned earlier to the fore. As you can see, the subject is often neglected to create funny situations. It is entertaining, but I think it is far from elements such as excitement and curiosity. If we come to the good side, I can say that I laughed a lot. I had a lot of fun with Kazuma’s inner voice interpreting the situation. I can say that I laughed, especially in the scenes with Beldia.

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