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Noragami is available to watch on Hulu and Funimation

Anime Review

In the twelve-episode anime called Noragami, Yato is an unknown god today. Yato’s dream is to save money and get his own temple. One day, after her regalisa (a dead person who can turn into a weapon), defeats another phantom with Mayu, Mayu reveals that she no longer wants to be Yato’s regalisa. The reason is that Yato is an undisciplined, maverick deity who doesn’t even have a temple, and his hands are constantly sweaty. Yato gives way to him. Again, one day, our middle school student named Iki Hiyori sees Yato trying to save a cat in the middle of the street while walking on the road, and they are invisible unless the gods reveal themselves. Thinking that Yato will be hit by an incoming bus, Hiyori jumps on the road. He manages to push Yato aside, but this time the bus hits him. When Hiyori opens her eyes, she sees herself lying on the road, and when she wakes up, she is in a hospital room. Hiyori’s life is not in danger, but her life is not the same anymore because Hiyori’s spirit can leave her body and turn into a kind of phantom. And so Hiyori begs Yato to restore her, and a short but action-packed adventure begins.

Although Noragami does not show it at first glance, the things that appear as content are not much different from what is presented to us in other anime. You can’t point with your finger, but you can easily sense what’s going on and what might happen. The simplest example is the main character Yato. This character type, who jumps around, is funny when appropriate, becomes serious when appropriate, has appeared in many animes. After seeing Yato, we can quickly say that this man’s past is dark. In fact, he is very strong. It is like this and that. What I want to say is that there are cliché events, and the anime makes you watch it, but it is not bad, but it does not excite the audience.

The anime’s illustrations are beautiful and reflect the classic anime mood (colored hair, etc.) successfully. The moving scenes make you watch, and the comedy elements are not chirped while using them. So everything is in its place and as it should be. The best part of the anime, in my opinion, is the music. Even though I can’t include the closing piece, the music playing along with the opening piece, especially during the sections, is quite good. In fact, if I did, Noragami could easily enter my list of the best in terms of music.

Frankly, I think about what more I can write about Noragami, but I can’t find much. The anime is definitely not bad, but personally, I couldn’t catch that synergy while watching it, and there’s nothing I can point to that’s what makes Noragami what makes Noragami. As a result, we have an anime in its own right with classic themes where we can have a good time.

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