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one punch man

One-Punch Man anime is available on Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, Sling, Adult Swim, Spectrum, Pluto TV, and Crunchyroll.

Anime Review

A little different from its peers, the name of the protagonist of One Punch Man, which was first spread over the internet and re-adapted as a manga that we know very well, is Saitama. He is an ordinary-looking but not an ordinary person living in a fictional Japan, whose city names are alphabetical from A to Z, in a universe of strange creatures, mad scientists, and their outer space. In this different universe where Saitama lives, there are also superheroes and the Heroes Association to which they are affiliated. There are heroes of various caliber and abilities in the association, and each differs in strength. In this strange world, I am describing, Saitama looks even more strange because he has the following characteristic; Because he is extremely strong, he can finish off his opponents with one punch. He can easily split any bad luck he encounters in two with a single punch, you know, without sweating. When this is the case, the heroic work does not go as he hoped. After all, it can kill even huge creatures with one hit without any effort. That’s why for Saitama, heroism is a bit of a hobby. One day, the paths of Genos, a cyborg, and Saitama cross. Genos is shocked when he sees Saitama’s one-punch finish on his challenger and wants to be Saitama’s apprentice. Then, thanks to Genos, some color comes into Saitama’s life, and Genos is after being strong like the Saitama master. But as I said, the world they live in is a very, very strange place.

Frankly, I had never heard of One Punch Man before. When the anime started to be aired, then a bald friend in yellow pajamas staring at me constantly on domestic and foreign social media began to appear. Moreover, the impressions I got were always positive and funny. That being the case, I started watching the series when it ended, and I understood why it was loved so much. Yes, I loved One Punch Man, too, because, at first glance, it reminded me of the anime Detroit Metal City. The fact that it is based on events rather than stories in terms of content, focusing on making you laugh rather than making you think with its different style, successfully blending absurdity and comedy are great factors for its popularity, but there is another factor that I think is the main reason why it is so popular. This factor is the fact that our main character is unusually strong and the sense of satisfaction that this gives to the audience. The theme that was constantly displayed to us in most fighting or heroic animes, especially Dragonball, was the same: train – get stronger – defeat your strong opponent, the stronger one, take a heavy blow, get stronger, come back and defeat. When it comes to Dragonball, train, get super level, grow your hair even longer, defeat the enemy, grow more hair when the stronger one comes out, etc., going. As you can see, Saitama, the hero of One Punch Man, is not like this. And personally, it’s the first time I’ve seen a character crack their opponents like eggs, which was pretty fun to watch. As I said, I think that the reason why it is so popular is mainly because of this, along with the other factors I have mentioned. By the way, I think Saitama’s baldness may be a reference to Goku, and his message is that he doesn’t need to grow his hair to be stronger 🙂 When we examine One Punch Man closely, we see that Saitama is actually the only one who brought the anime. If we remove Saitama from the anime, there is nothing left but an anime with ordinary fighting and heroes beating monsters. So I’m sure if we’ve all watched One Punch Man, we watched it for Saitama. As a story, as I said before, the anime focuses on the current event and what Saitama will do compared to the story. So don’t look for such a deep subject in anime. The anime already tells you in the first second that I will reveal the daily life of an extraordinary man, not a gripping story. That being the case, I can’t deny that I got a little bored in some scenes without Saitama. Because as I said, the event ends in Saitama, and when two characters other than himself collide, it becomes the fight we know. Fortunately, such scenes are in the minority, and Saitama often keeps us in his presence. Honestly, I prefer watching Saitama, who is a strong as well as a sympathetic character, to watch TV while scratching his butt at home, to watching other characters fight each other.

The anime’s drawings, or rather Saitama’s drawings, are just as fun as he is. First of all, let me briefly touch on the background drawings and other characters; Whether it’s city drawings or other characters, they are very successful. There is no place that caught my eye that I would say never happened. When appropriate, spilled blood is frequently encountered in dismembered bodies. The comic book effects that are used from time to time during the fights also sit well. The most successful was again Saitama. As I mentioned in my second paragraph, it’s fun to constantly look around and use one-word answers such as “he, okay” when he’s in his callous demeanor. When he gets a little serious (for example, when he learns that he will miss the supermarket sale if he lingers), we can see how intimidating and self-confident looks he actually has. In terms of their music, One Punch Man has a very stimulating opening track. The opening song alone cannot have that much effect, but when combined with the opening images, I can say that a very good opening emerged. I didn’t like the closing music. The piece that I thought did not fit the style of the anime was too slow and heavy for me. Also, a good job was done in the voiceovers, especially Saitama.

I think you can have fun with One Punch Man Saitama, albeit for a short time, and many people like me were pleased to see that we have an almost invincible main character for the first time. Let the bad guys train and show up, not us anymore 🙂 Long story short, the number of people who don’t watch is few, but meeting Saitama and having a look at his world can help you clear your mind and have a good time.

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