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record of ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok is available only on Netflix.

Anime Review

Record of Ragnarok, signed by Netflix, with the original name Shuumatsu no Walkure, is about the one-on-one fight between 13 gods and 13 gods for the continuation of humanity. That is to say, once every thousand years, the assembly of the gods comes together and determines the destiny of humanity. We will either live another thousand years or be destroyed. Exactly seven million years after the existence of humanity, the gods decide to destroy the human race. The reason is more or less clear; themes such as what we have done to the world, wars, destruction, hunger. All the gods agree, and just as Zeus, the ruler of the council of the gods, will rule the decision, Brunhilde, a Valkyre (Valkyre), appears and demands the law of Ragnarok Fighting to come into effect.

The law of Ragnarok Fighting will pit 13 humans and 13 gods against each other, and whoever wins seven fights will be deemed the winner. This law has never been used until now. Although it was not felt necessary because; First, the gods have allowed humans to exist until now, and secondly, what human can defeat a god? Of course, after Brunhilde’s suggestion, the gods think just like that and find Ragnarok unnecessary. Of course, Brunhilde gives up and kills the gods with a sentence: “Or are you afraid of meeting people?” The gods are egoistic. The gods are selfish and quick to get angry. Brunhilde knows this too and provokes the gods, causing Ragnarok to begin. Thirteen people who will determine the destiny of humanity will face thirteen gods who will fight in the name of the gods.

Record of Ragnarok actually has a very interesting subject, and it is a different concept to have historical human figures and gods from all religions together. In the meantime, you may immediately think of how people will actually eat. Brunhilde thought of this too, and the weapons that humans use are valkyries and far more powerful than normal man-made weapons. Does it still work against the gods and their weapons? Who knows…

Although the theme of the anime is interesting, it progresses slowly in terms of processing, and I think it was extended by going into too much detail. Especially the interaction and conversations of the audience are too long, in my opinion. Apart from that, the fights could have been more aesthetic. The anime is already set in a single arena, and although the drawings are above average, the fights are mediocre in terms of aesthetics. For example, the anime Kengan Ashura was set in a similar arena, and it was incredibly enjoyable to watch the fights. Here, it is decorated with many effects. You know, when someone swings a spear, and only his shadow is visible, most scenes are like this.

So, who are these fighters? As I said, since the anime progresses slowly, we witness only three fights in the first twelve episodes. These are Thor vs. Lü Bu, Zeus vs. Adam, and Poseidon vs. Sasaki Kojiro. Really interesting typings and coming together. At the end of the anime, the participants of the fourth competition are announced, but watch or google them to find out 🙂 Likewise, I will not say who won. All I can say is that it is really difficult to predict who will win, and it is this detail that makes the anime watchable.

I can say that the drawings are above average and the music is okay. So I watched the opening track only once and never looked back. Technically, my favorite point was the performance of Sawashiro Miyuki, who voiced Brunhilde. Psycho-Pass’s Shion, Berserk’s Luca, has a very successful vocalization example. Record of Ragnarok is a bit of a snack anime. It’s ideal for distraction, but I say don’t go into details. If you’re looking for detailed fights or a rambunctious scenario, you’re in the wrong place.

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