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Re:Zero is available to watch on HBO Max and Crunchyroll.

Anime Review

In the anime, whose original name is Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, our character Natsuki Subaru suddenly finds himself in another world at the exit of a grocery store. Demi-humans also live in this world, and Subaru thinks he has been summoned to a parallel universe like the game world. Later here, she is attacked. A silver-haired girl using magic and her cat saves him from this attack. This girl is looking for her stolen badge. Subaru also wants to help the girl in return for rescuing him, and together they start searching for the stolen badge. However, they are attacked and killed during the research. Later, Subaru wakes up in that world again, and after events unfold, he gains the ability to respawn in that world when Subaru dies.

Coming to the characters of the anime, our main character Subaru is not a very charismatic, intelligent, strong, or power-up character, unlike the main characters of most other animes. He is a person just like you and me :). It only has the ability to respawn upon death in the world it was summoned to. He tries not to die again when he comes to life :). Our important character after Subaru is Emilia. Emilia is a silver-haired half-elf and spirit technique user. In spirit, he has a contract with his cat Puck, and they are a very cute couple. She also had funny conversations with Subaru, Ram (red-haired), and Rem (blue-haired) are twin brothers and maids at Roswaal Mansion, where Emilia lives. Ram is more talented in housework than her older sister, and Rem is stronger than her older sister, and the two complement each other. Their difficult pasts bind them even tighter. Another character, Beatrice, is in charge of protecting the library of this mansion. She is a very knowledgeable and sharp-tongued person. However, her magic and mana power are also high. Roswaalt is the lord of this mansion and has high magic power. Apart from these, there are also characters such as Felt, Reinhard, and old Rom, Wilhelm. Anime has a wealth of characters and can reflect the psychology of all of them. While feeling the mood of each character, especially “What would I do if I were the main character?” You start to question as well.

I like anime music. The opening and closing music were very nice, and I especially liked the first closing music. The background music in the episode was also good. Especially the tension music made us feel the tension of the stage more. I did not see anything strange, disturbing, or striking in his drawings. It was beautiful and just as it should be.

My criticism, which can be called negative, was that Subaru did not question whether he opened his eyes in another world, died, and resurrected at the beginning of the anime, and it created many question marks. But when I continued to watch them without questioning them too much, the series started to get better. Also, it was frustrating to see Subaru being such a weak character all the time, feeling indebted to someone for a favor he had to do something for them. But the anime manages to reflect the psychology of all of them, from the main character to the side characters, very well. Even though I got bored in some episodes, he finished the end of the episodes excitingly and watched the next episode immediately (Zeigarnik effect). The excitement in the anime increased unbelievably as the series progressed.

Finally, I recommend you watch the anime. I can say that it is an anime that reflects drama, mystery, suspense, psychology, and humor very well. You feel them deeply, not superficially. I found the finale of the anime sweet, although many things have not yet been explained. Maybe we can clear these question marks with the second season to be released.

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