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Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn is available to watch on Crunchyroll and Hulu

Anime Review

In the anime set in fantasy land, a young girl named Yona is the pure-hearted princess of the Kouka Kingdom. When his mother was killed by the rebels when he was very young, his father raised him. His father, the king, is a peaceful person, although he hates wars and all kinds of weapons. Some people define this attitude as cowardice. Yona’s childhood friend nigga and bodyguard is a young man named Son Hak. He is a powerful fighter, besides his somewhat callous demeanour and teasing Yona.

The fate of both the Kouka Kingdom and Yona will change on Yona’s 16th birthday. His cousin Soo-won, who came to visit on the occasion of the princess’s birthday, killed the king in the evening by saying, “the real heir to the throne is my father and therefore me”. Yona witnesses the event and finds herself in the middle of a nightmarish event. Hak comes to Yona’s aid, and the two manage to escape from the capital together. The two take refuge in the Wind Tribe, the tribe of Hak, where their grandfather Son Mundok advises them to find the oracle. The oracle tells them the legend of the first king, Hiryuu, and the four dragons. He then advises Yona to find four people who have the power of dragons for the kingdom’s future. Yona and Hak, who took the Oracle’s assistant Yun with them, thus began the first leg of their long journey.

When I first watched the Akatsuki no Yona series, it reminded me of the anime Twelve Kingdoms. In both animes, the main characters were weak girls at first, but then they got stronger and had strong allies. If I make a more modern analogy, I can say that the anime is also in the style of Arslan Senki. In Arslan Senki, the young Arslan had to leave his kingdom and was gathering allies. It is a frequently used story, but I can say very positive things in terms of its execution. The positive aspects of the anime are that the journey that starts with three nigga people is getting crowded, funny moments from time to time, and the characters are sympathetic. In the last chapters, the story of the green dragon is obviously a bit extended. There was also one or two minor logical errors or an incident that I found ridiculous. I can’t write here now because there will be spoilers. In general, I can easily say that the anime progresses fluently.

There is a nostalgic atmosphere in the anime, both in terms of drawings and music. That was one of the first reasons Twelve Kingdoms came to mind. The anime illustrations are nice, but it looks like it’s from a 2006-2007 anime, not a 2014 movie. The opening song, which plays until the middle of the anime and has no lyrics, also supports what I said. However, there are no herpetic characters in the anime in general, the white dragon’s white hair, the blue dragon’s blue hair, etc. Hair colours are available. In addition, names similar to Chinese and Korean names rather than Japanese names are more prominent in the anime. Of course, I would like to reiterate that we are in a fantastic land.

Akatsuki no Yona is a cute and enjoyable anime that reminds me of the past. Unfortunately, the anime ends halfway, except that some events take a little longer towards the end. There is no news about the second season yet, except for the three OVA episodes that come after 24 episodes and don’t add much to the flow of the story. When the second season comes, of course, I will be one of the people watching.

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